Effective solution to noise problems

2023-08-01 08:44:55

For safety reasons and to ensure the overall comfort of the driver, all vehicle manufacturers have set specific noise limits. In practice, these noise limits determine the number of times that a quality brake is allowed to emit a certain number of decibels of long squealing noise when braking.

Look at these two graphs. The vertical axis shows the percentage of times the brake emits a long screeching noise of 70 dB (Figure 1) or 85 dB. The red line in the graph shows the noise limit set by the vehicle manufacturer (Original Equipment Noise Tolerance). Therefore, if the noise limit is 70 dB, a brake that produces a noise level greater than or equal to 70 dB no more than 10 times per 100 braking cycles is considered to be of acceptable quality. If the noise limit is 85 dB, a brake that produces noise greater than or equal to 85 dB no more than 1.4 times per 100 braking cycles is generally of acceptable quality. 

Take a look at these two graphs below and compare JEOLU to its competitors. The fact that our brake pads are quiet when braking is never any kind of exaggeration.The noise generated by our brake pads during braking has always been lower than that specified by the automobile manufacturers. As we can see in Figure 2, even those brands with a good reputation for quality in the market, with the exception of JEOLU, do not keep their brake noise within the noise limit.


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