Quality Control

2023-08-01 08:41:46

Tianhua Braking Systems has always considered product consistency and product traceability as the core of its quality control philosophy.

Product consistency: ensure product consistency through incoming material inspection, production process control,  batch inspection and final inspection

Product traceability: Through the information control of product production process, we can realize product traceability and ensure that every product received by customers can obtain the original production information by 

scanning the product code information.

Regular calibration of gauges and inspection tools is carried out by internal and external inspection agencies with corresponding qualifications to ensure the accuracy of gauges and inspection tools.

Tianhua Braking System has passed ISO9001, QS9001, ISO14001, OHS18001 certification and TS16949 certification in 2005. In order to ensure the validity of the certification, the certification body regularly audits Tianhua Braking System.

Original Quality Assurance


Cangzhou Tianhua Brake System 

JEOLU Brake pads Keep safe on the roadOriginal quality

◆Adopting Tianhua Brake's global host supporting technology, we adopt precise friction material formulations for different models and carefully design the friction material substrate to ensure excellent heat dissipation performance, thus greatly improving the braking performance and service life of the brake pads.

◆Accessories are made of components with matching specifications and quality of the host, such as muffler, alarm piece and snap spring, etc., to minimize the noise and ensure the perfect original quality.

◆All brake pads are 90% produced by Tianhua Brake's own host supporting factory to ensure that the production process and quality of the products are effectively controlled.

◆The absolute leading advantage of shorter braking distance and effective solution to the problem of brake noise. Excellent anti-high temperature heat recession performance JEOLU's high-end ceramic formula can withstand high temperatures up to 650°C, maintaining stable braking friction under continuous braking and rugged mountain conditions, providing you with excellent braking performance under various harsh driving conditions.

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